A quick guide to measuring yourself!

  • Get a sewing tape measure or a tailor’s tape. Please make sure the tape is not worn out. If so get yourself a new one in any dollar store, Walmart or Amazon. Don’t try to use a ruler or a stiff measure tape for carpentry/construction.
  • Measure yourself - your body, not your favourite clothes (pants, shorts, skirt, etc.)
  • Ideally ask your family member or a friend for help, especially when taking measures of your leg length.
  • If there is anything unusual about your body, please leave a note when making an order, so we can tailor the pattern accordingly.



 WAIST: Determine where the waistband of your pant is meant to sit on your body,

which you can easily get by checking your favourite pants. Once you know the exact spot, get the measurement around your waist.

B HIPS: Take the measurement across the fullest part of your buttocks to get the most accurate reading.
C  LENGTH FOR PANTS: Measure from the waist (A) all the way to the floor.
D  LENGTH FOR 3/4 PANTS: Measure from the waist (A) to the desired length.
E LENGTH FOR SHORTS, SKIRT AND DRESS: Measure from the waist (A) to the desired length, above the knees.